The Process

1.  Initial Meeting
We meet with you and the informed stakeholders to decide how to work together, explain our method for assessing the company’s performance, identify any areas of concern, discuss confidentiality measures, and identify who will be involved. We create a statement of work that outlines both our responsibilities and the needs that must be met for this engagement to be successful. Time frame: as quickly as everyone can meet together.

2.  Determine Strategy Alignment, Drivers and Barriers
We start with a high-level assessment of the company, its strategy, the measures it uses to determine success, how it finds and keeps clients, the outside pressures and internal and external constraints, and an overview of its culture. We may get some of this information from you and some from key executives in the company. This should be done immediately before or following a high-point accounting assessment. Instead of relying on numbers alone, this assessment, along with the financial overview, will help you make a go/no-go decision

3.  Identify Performance Improvement Opportunities
Once you’ve decided to continue, we use the prior assessment to guide us as we
meet with key members of the organization to find opportunities to increase the company’s performance by identifying and quantifying barriers to performance and identifying hidden opportunities. We may need to interview employees and will maintain the required discretion at all times. Time frame: three days to several weeks, based on availability of key members of the organization, the problem, and how many people we need to meet, interview, or observe.

4.  Develop Recommendations
We review the material and data we’ve collected, identify recommendations based on the company’s situation and culture, then write our report. It includes short, concise, clearly written recommendations that list the causes of poor performance and the potential solutions. It clearly indicates the importance of undertaking certain actions and identifies the approximate return on investment of following the actions. Time frame: within one week of finalizing the meetings.

5.  Determine Next Steps
We schedule a meeting to deliver the results to you in a personal meeting. Our goal is to find ways to increase the company’s performance quickly and economically once the purchase is made so that you can have a plan in place to execute as soon as the deal is finalized. Time frame: as quickly as everyone can meet together, lasting 1-2 hours.

6.  Determine Our Role
If we are to be part of the solution, the next step is to agree on which recommendations you want us to implement with you and when we’ll start. As with the first step, we will create a document that outlines each of our needs and responsibilities. If we are not going to assist in implementation of the solution, we can help you create a plan that you can implement and help you identify how to obtain and maintain success. Time frame: preferably part of the prior meeting, taking an additional 1-2 hours.

7.  Implement the Plan
We work with you to implement the plan based on the relationship and agreement we have defined. If people in IT, HR, human factors (ergonomics) or other areas are needed to help implement some of the recommendations, we can assist you in finding the appropriate providers.

8.  Evaluate the Results
When the work is finalized, we evaluate the success of the engagement and ensure there is a sustainability plan to maintain the success that has been achieved.

Verify a Company’s Performance Prior to Purchase

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